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Hello Everyone,

Here we are at the end of a very busy and surprising 2010!

Starting with late 2009, I took a trip to Indiana to visit my brother Jack and his family. This was really fun, took a nice walk around downtown Indianapolis, and got to see my nephew/godson Noah do his karate class.

Next was pre-Christmas celebration at the SpringHill Suites Atlanta Buckhead, here are some photos from Christmas as SpringHill 2009.

I spent *Christmas 2009 in Florida(*with Videos)   at my Dad's house, including church service on Christmas Eve.

The first major event in 2010 was the awards ceremony for the Georgia Hotel and Lodging Association (GHLA). I won this award back in 2007 but this year I didn't win, but the GHLA banquet was fun.

My brother Jack came down to Atlanta in April, 2010 for some sightseeing and baseball games. I remember him saying "Hey, I land on Friday before the game starts, should we go on Friday or Saturday?" I said, "let's go on Saturday." He said, "who is pitching?" I said, "Kawakami for Atlanta and some kid named Jimenez for Colorado, he throws 100 miles per hour and the Braves will either light him up or he will throw a no-hitter." I was correct, he threw a NO HITTER! This was the first time either Jack or I had seen a no-hitter live in person. We've both been going to games for 35-40 years. We got to see a no-hitter together. It was against the Braves but we didn't care. Here are some photos from that Braves / Rockies game, as well as some other stuff we did together.

My next awards ceremony came in May, 2010. This is the BIG Marriott Associate of the Year awards. Only 8-10 employees worldwide win this award, but being nominated is pretty cool. Unfortunately, no one in Atlanta won again this year, but the Atlanta Region takes us all out for a nice lunch to celebrate. Here are some photos from the MAE Awards Lunch.

I played some golf in late May, 2010 with my friends Jerry and Jose. Here are some photos from the Golf Outing.

My 1st big vacation trip this year was to volunteer again for the U.S. Open Golf tournament, which this year was held at Pebble Beach in California. This was a great opportunity to visit a great area and see a wonderful golf course. As many of you know, I volunteered in 2008 for the U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, San Diego and LOVED IT. I had to do it again and this time, my buddy Ron from Oregon volunteered with me and we met up in Pebble Beach and spent 10 days. On our "off days" we also went to two San Francisco Baseball games, they won both games and ended up wining the World Series this year! Here are some photos from my trip out west.

Atlanta Braves vs Detroit Tigers @ Turner Field 6/25/10, here are some photos.

My next vacation was a quick 5-day trip to Oregon for my 30 year High School Reunion. The trip started with a very funny moment at the rental car desk at the airport. I was talking to the lady at the counter and she say "Oh, you are in town for your high school reunion? I have a Mustang convertible for you, only $50 extra per day." I said no, and she says "but you have to drive up to your reunion in "style"?" I said, "I have 8 anestigiolists in my class making 6 figures, me driving up in a Mustang convertible isn't going to impress anybody!" So that was funny, ended up renting a Cadillac CTS for $10 extra per day and it was a SWEET RIDE!!! Maybe I'll own one of those someday. Here are some photos from my 30 year high school reunion as well as some other moments.

Next, the San Francisco Giants came to town so I was provided another chance to watch them win, here are some photos from Braves vs Giants 8/7/10 as well as photos from Sara Evans Concert after the game.

My co-workers took me out to lunch for my birthday on 8/26/10, here are some photos.

I had the opportunity to see Suzy Bogguss (popular country music artist from the early 90's) here in Atlanta (Eddie's Attic, Decatur) on 9/2/10. I got there right as the doors were about to open. Once the doors opened, I was hanging out looking at all the posters inside of artists that have been there and artists that were coming soon. Then there is a knock on the door, and I open the door and it is Suzy! and her husband Doug Crider. I greeted her by name and she immediately thought I worked there until I told her I was just coming for the show. She asked if I had ever seen her before and I explained my history of seeing her in San Diego (twice), Detroit and Cleveland. This was the 5th time I was able to see her in concert in 20 years and her voice is still amazing! Thank you Suzy for another great show, here are some photos from the Eddie's Attic ~ Suzy Bogguss concert.

Everyone should already know that I have always been a HUGE Abraham Lincoln fan. I was ecstatic when I found out there was going to be an Abraham Lincoln exhibit here in Atlanta (not too far from the hotel) at the Atlanta History Center. This exhibit would be called "With Malice Toward None" and be a lifetime Abraham Lincoln exhibit with tons of artifacts and video/audio programs as well as outdoor venues showing homes/gardens/etc... from the Civil War era. This event began on 9/4/10 at the Atlanta History Center and I was able to be there for opening day, in fact I was one of the first people in the door. Here are some photos from the Abe Lincoln exhibit, which just ended on November 7th, 2010.

My Dad and stepmom Marge came for 1 night on their way to Michigan and stayed the night at my apartment. They brought their beautiful puppy Molly and here are some photos from the visit.

My friend Jose and I played some golf at a new course (new for US) in Alpharetta on 9/18/10, here are some photos.

Finally, it was an exciting year for the Atlanta Braves as they made the playoffs as a Wild Card team, but their fate was doomed due to injuries and bad play down the stretch. Ironically, their opponent was the San Francisco Giants (how many times did I get to see the SF Giants this year?). I was able to go to NLDS playoff game #3 (the 1st game here in Atlanta, they got eliminated the next day in Game #4). Here are some photos from NLDS Game #3 with Braves lost.

Photos from the remainder of 2010 will be posted on next year's letter around Thanksgiving, 2011.

Until we speak soon, I wish you and yours the most happiness and love this holiday season and please keep in touch. But to everyone, all the best and please write soon!